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This database of the 381 patents issued to Jones county residents was gathered by Jim Christianson from the State Library of Iowa website.

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Hemp Brake
by John T. Gilman

Sugar Evaporator
by James High

Tire Bender
by Joseph Tomlinson

Design for a Pin
by Roy Kleineck

Denture Cleaner
by Brian James

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3693593Ackermann, Harry JohnMonticelloautomatic poultry feeding device26 Sep 1972
209639Ainsworth, Clark Monticelloharvester5 Nov 1878
212879Ainsworth, Clark Monticelloelevator for harvesters4 Mar 1879
3931877Albaugh, LeMar L.Anamosamaterial diverter structure13 Jan 1976
46202Aldrich, David C.Anamosachurn7 Feb 1865
1018227Althen, Frederick C.Anamosabias band maker20 Feb 1912
1561453Althen, Frederick C.Anamosamilk bottle carrier17 Nov 1925
656495Anderson, James P.Anamosacarburetor21 Aug 1900
2516744Arends, Arnold J.Monticellocow tail holder25 Jul 1950
30390Baldwin, William Anamosatanning16 Oct 1860
4883022Barker, B. A,Monticelloanimal waterer28 Nov 1989
3835882Barker, Bernard A.Monticellofloat valve assembly17 Sep 1974
4901753Barker, Bernard A.Monticellofloat assembly valve20 Feb 1990
183107Beam, Charles Jackson Twpmilk safe10 Oct 1876
1103169Beam, Frank B.Anamosacombined dish drainer, steamer, roaster, or baking pan14 Jul 1914
1510972Beam, Stephen E.Anamosacasket stand7 Oct 1924
25671Beardsley, Frederick F.Castle Grovetanning composition4 Oct 1859
348715Bedford, George J.Anamosafreight car lock7 Sep 1886
384736Bedford, George J.Anamosamail pouch19 Jun 1888
459484Bedford, George J.Anamosalock15 Sep 1891
759961Beems, Clark A.Anamosaknockdown box17 May 1904
1033980Belknap, John A.Anamosaspade step30 Jul 1912
751451Belknap, Thomas M.Anamosarail joint9 Feb 1904
934132Benedict, James Z.Monticellopush cart14 Sep 1909
3059444Bickel, Fay D.Anamosafreezing apparatus16 Oct 1962
493814Bingham, William F.Monticellowatch bow fastener21 Mar 1893
493815Bingham, William F.Monticellowatch key21 Mar 1893
363981Bissell, Daniel J.Anamosacultivator attachment31 May 1887
508401Blood, Charles N.Anamosastump extractor14 Nov 1893
523100Blood, Charles N.Anamosastump extractor17 Jul 1894
525481Blood, Charles N.Anamosarope grip4 Sep 1894
533431Blood, Charles N.Anamosastump extractor5 Feb 1895
2261048Bobst, Charles P.Anamosacover or lid fastener28 Oct 1941
4175418Bollwitt, Duaine L.Monticellotemperature monitoring and temperature differential control device27 Nov 1979
51947Bowen, Asa C.Bowen’s Prairiehay loader9 Jan 1866
77248Bradstreet, S. Y.Monticellosafety truck28 Apr 1868
RE3024Bradstreet, S. Y.Monticelloimproved safety truck7 Jul 1868
5521608Brandt, Robert L.Anamosamultibay coplanar direction finding antenna28 May 1996
810708Brister, Samuel H.Monticellobrush23 Jan 1906
4441824Brokaw, Kim C.Monticelloportable waste agitator10 Apr 1984
164554Bronson, James W.Wyomingbridle bit15 Jun 1875
703232Brown, Frank E.Anamosaice skate24 Jun 1902
340281Brownell, Benjamin C.Center Junctionself clearing breaking plow colter20 Apr 1886
1370781Burns, James L.Anamosatoilet tank and valve8 Mar 1921
141916Burns, Joseph Anamosaearth boring machine19 Aug 1873
732274Byrne, Michael F.Monticelloscreen and storm door30 Jun 1903
5886665Carlson, Stephen G.Anamosagnss local constellation/ acquisition aiding system23 Mar 1999
5309598Carpenter, Joyce A.Oxford Junctionpaint scraper kit10 May 1994
5461736Carpenter, Joyce A.Oxford Junctionportable hydraulic lift step stool for raising handicapped patients to an elevated location31 Oct 1995
814830Carroll, Louis W.Anamosatelephone system13 Mar 1906
958224Carroll, Louis W.Anamosaelectric signaling apparatus17 May 1910
996701Carroll, Louis W.Anamosaautomatic cut out for aerial telephone lines and the like4 Jul 1911
1036796Carroll, Louis W.Anamosaselective signal27 Aug 1912
651297Cashen, John Monticellovehicle brake5 Jun 1900
149639Chandler, John A.Monticelloreamer for earth borers14 Apr 1874
193395Chandler, John A.Monticellowood sawing machine24 Jul 1877
191001Chase, Job Langworthyhay stacker22 May 1877
171549Chatfield, Alonzo B.Anamosadoor spring28 Dec 1875
574136Clark, Leroy Monticellocorn husker29 Dec 1896
550946Clymer, Albert Olinsawbuck10 Dec 1895
674758Cole, Rebecca J.Olinkitchen cabinet21 May 1901
203421Cole, Sherman M.Anamosapump17 May 1878
296531Cole, Sherman M.Anamosameasuring pump8 Apr 1884
324301Cole, Sherman M.Anamosameasuring pump11 Aug 1885
400637Cole, Sherman M.Anamosawashing machine2 Apr 1889
771715Cole, Sherman M.Anamosafire escape4 Oct 1904
777003Cole, Sherman M.Anamosarotating door6 Dec 1904
936761Cole, Sherman M.Anamosacuff shaper12 Oct 1909
6125685Collier, Rebecca E.Madisonapparatus and method for the evaluation of asphalt mixes3 Oct 2000
918970Conmey, Fred W.Wyomingfuel economizer20 Apr 1909
574136Conner, Patrick H.Monticellocorn husker29 Dec 1896
581065Conner, Patrick H.Monticellohitching post20 Apr 1897
590610Conner, Patrick H.Monticellohay loader coupling28 Sep 1897
611354Conner, Patrick H.Monticellovending machine27 Sep 1898
200897Conser, Eli P.Monticellorevolving box churn and device for operating the same5 Mar 1878
30390Crane, Boswell Anamosatanning16 Oct 1860
471233Crane, Sylvannus B.Oxford Junctionautomatic car indicator operating device22 Mar 1892
430117Crane, Sylvanus B.Oxford Junctionstation indicator17 Jun 1890
1523176Cubbage, Dacil Oxford Junctionfoot accelerator for motor vehicles13 Jan 1925
2614433Cuckler, David E.Monticelloportable power unit21 Oct 1952
232388Cudworth, John G.Anamosamilk cooler21 Sep 1880
304522Cummings, Charles A.Monticellotrace-carrier2 Sep 1884
317443Cunningham, Phebe J.Amberflower stand5 May 1885
241939Curtis, Nimrod J.Martellecheck rower for corn planters24 May 1881
241939Curtis, William J.T.Martellecheck rower for corn planters24 May 1881
1327088Curttright, George L.Olinhog oiler6 Jan 1920
440421Curttwright, John E.Onslowcombine rack and dish warmer11 Nov 1890
3465832De Larm, Gerald L.Wyomingfarm implement lift assembly and drawbar combination9 Sep 1969
6325399DeMoss, David Anamosaside lift wheel chairs4 Dec 2001
6412424Dirks, Dave Monticellotailgate display table2 Jul 2002
3028905Dirks, Henry D.Anamosashaft straightening machine10 Apr 1962
1228540Druecker, Joseph M.Stone Cityautomatic dumping and righting mechanism for tiltable dump cars5 Jun 1917
1575554Dufloth, Philip L.Anamosaknife sharpener2 Mar 1926
720120Elges, Gottlieb D.Monticellowindow screen10 Feb 1903
401259Ellis, Lucien W.Anamosasheaf carrier for harvesters9 Apr 1889
401259Ellis, Lucien W.Anamosasheaf carrier for harvesters9 Apr 1889
480944Ellis, Lucien W.Anamosabundle carrier for harvesters16 Aug 1892
549114Ellis, Lucien W.Anamosasheaf carrier5 Nov 1895
4910443Etscheidt, Ronald J.Anamosaelectronic control circuit for a bidirectional motor20 Mar 1990
4912380Etscheidt, Ronald J.Anamosafield installable electrical operator for a circuit breaker27 Mar 1990
4921083Etscheidt, Ronald J.Anamosaclutch module with predetermined torque1 May 1990
5166862Etscheidt, Ronald J.Anamosapanel for mounting electronics24 Nov 1992
5486666Etsheidt, Ronald J.Anamosaprotective cover for electrical terminals and method of using same23 Jan 1996







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