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Register of Births Book No. 1
1880 through early 1895

This birth register was transcribed by Joanne Wilken. She would very much appreciate hearing from anyone with changes or corrections.

Data in brackets was added by the transcriber. A few births do not have any date. There is another column in the register called, "Date Submitted." The transcriber entered "pre-(submission date)" in the date of birth column. Some doctors/midwives submitted birth information months or even years after the birth. Some births for 1880-1895 could be included in a later register. Many entries were changed at some point. The transcriber could not tell if the changes were made at the time of the entry or at a later date. The person entering the information in the register used Jos. and Jas. for both James & Joseph, interchangeably.

B#=Birth sequence for this mother.

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