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Sonia Steiner writes: "I have a photo that I need help with. Can you identify the people in this 1872 photo of the Monticello's first fire department? Most members of my family lived in Monticello. Mullers (Millers), Podhaski's, Gerjet's, Steiner's, Willms, & many more!" (Click on the firemen for larger view.)
Rita Balichek sent these photos of a soldier and his wife? his sister? We are hoping someone can identify them. They came from a local family and may be connected to the Lasack or Hodoval families.
Unknown girl, taken by Thomas Stimpson and submitted by Julie Angus McKeen. Julie has sent me the original photo to forward to any family member who would be interested in having it. Click the photo for a close up. This postcard called "In the Ferns" was submitted by John Balster. I've seen it frequently on EBay and various post card auction pages. Can anyone identify the people or the photographer?
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